Borough Market

Borough Market

August 2012
I was busy in Southwark Street, and it’s a very interesting area so I went looking for somewhere to draw. I considered Borough High Street, but having looked around, Borough Market is so picturesque from so many different angles that I didn’t really have a choice.
I was standing next to a stall selling duck confit sandwiches and looking across at the Monmouth Coffee House.
I love the awnings and the signs, but the building is so ornate and decorative that it took a long time to get all the details in, and soon a huge crowd of people turned up to visit the market. I was hoping to include the pub on the left, but I experienced dissatisfaction with my initial perspective and had to rub out and extend the street, so the pub got pushed off the edge of the paper.
Really I don’t think it matters that much if the street’s perspective is inaccurate, that’s not really what’s interesting about it, I should prioritize composition over “accuracy”.

You can order a 398 x 275 mm giclee print on artists paper of this attractive drawing, or get in touch for anything larger.

I will supply a professionally cut mount board, back board and a certificate of authenticity that yours is a limited edition print, I will also sign and number the print.

With the mount board the frame-able size grows to 508 x 406.4 mm – which should exactly fit a 20 x 16 inch frame. Convenient?

The prints will be limited to a run of 20 at this size – I may do some larger versions if demand is great enough.

Borough Market Giclee print
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