Brighton Pavillion

Drawing is dancing Brighton Pavillion

I had drinks in Brighton in most notably the North Laine Brewhouse which was a lovely place and we got to dance to Sexual Healing by Rock with the Hot 8 Brass Band, which is just a joyful version I have heard in the film Chef – which is a wonderful film, I’ve really liked Jon Favreaux’s work since Swingers.
I stayed at the New Steine Hotel which was quite nice too and close to all the interesting things in the middle of Brighton, they upgraded my room to a “Suite” with a private patio which was cool.
After breakfast at Little Miss Piggys I wandered around wondering what to do whilst sobering up before my drive home. So I got some pencils and paper from WHSmith and went looking for something to draw.
The best looking thing in Brighton is the “Royal” or Brighton Pavillion – it has so many angles from which it looks fantastic, jumbles of spires and chimneys sprout besides domes and crenellations, it sits in a sea of grass floating like a ship or a cloud, it rises triumphantly behind blockish, more practical buildings and peeks astonishing over buskers, recycling bins and motorcycle parking areas. I really wish it was my house. I know the Prince of Wales built it to have extravagant parties in, and that’s probably not in good conscience what he should have spent the money on, but what a gift he has given modern Brighton! The details on every surface are amazing and as I was drawing I found more things to admire both on the building and the gardens, including a wonderful furry palm tree (on the left of the image) but also some incredible perfect lillies like visible representations of enlightenment growing in a little pool.
My drawing is totally out of proportion but I don’t mind, I haven’t drawn in a long time and I went through a few phases in the drawing before I got into the zone. On the left i was obsessively filling in details – not fun, and a bit boring, so I think at that point I was just pleased the drawing resembled something. As I worked my way right I lost track of proportions as an important goal was to keep the Pavillion on the A5 page, but as I got to the second dome I started to remember what my act of drawing should be. I’m making notes on the Pavillion, I’m translating it to my understanding, I’m noting down what’s interesting, and expressing what I like about it on a level more like dancing – when you hear music, like the fantastic Sexual Healing by Rock with the Hot 8 Brass Band, you want to move around in a particular way, and actually when I see a nice art I feel like moving around, dancing almost – at the London Art fair I’ve seen a frisky, Jazzy Ivon Hitchens for example and felt like having a boogie, so drawing can be a dance in response to the subject – that’s the “music” if you like. Yes so your drawing is your dance to the music of the subject, this is just one way of doing things, there are as many arts as there are people, to each person is given their own art – can you find yours? That could be the mission and the prize. I liked watching others dancing last night at the North Laine Brewhouse and I hope you like my drawing, it’s not all great, but there’s some fun and smiles there which I want to share.