Crystal Palace London with a view of Cafe Alma

Cafe Alma Crystal Palace

A view of Crystal Palace looking up Church road with Cafe Alma on the right.
2012 oil on canvas.
I have been doing pencil drawings of streets in London recently, so after painting the indistinct fields and sea in Sussex there is a new set of challenges to painting streets with perspective like this one.
My technique is to compose the painting with coloured areas and then add in the expressive brushstrokes that sit nicely on top of the under-painting to produce very satisfying buttery paint marks. But when I did buildings in this way on this painting it seemed to look a bit formless, so I selected a quite small brush and gave the buildings some outlines.
This looked fantastic so i carried on – as I have been doing with my pencil drawings and the end result has a bit of a Van Gogh appearance which I think is very nice, the overall impression is of yellow and blue – a nice balance of complimentary colours. The turquoise in the sky looks really lovely next to the blue, so overall I’m very happy with this painting. I think an enlarged print of it would look really super, so I’m going to have one done and see what people say. It was very popular with people when I posted it on the Crystal Palace Facebook blog.
As well as the painting itself there will be prints available – at the moment I am expecting to produce a limited edition print run of 20 at the same size as the original – that is 50x40cm. At the moment I am looking into mount-boards and framing and the print will be supplied rolled up in a tube.

Painting of Cafe Alma Crystal Palace
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