Crystal Palace Library 1

Crystal Palace Library 1

This is a drawing I am making some limited edition prints of.

The prints will be very nice giclee prints on high quality artists paper that will stay bright for a long time, I will supply a professionally cut mount board, back board and a certificate of authenticity that yours is a limited edition print, I will also sign and number the print.

The printed area will be 398 x 275 mm – with the mount board the size grows to 508 x 406.4 mm – which should exactly fit a 20 x 16 inch frame. Convenient eh?

The prints will be limited to a run of 20 at this size – I may do some larger versions if demand is great enough.

Please see below on how to order this very exciting print of Crystal Palace Library.

Crystal Palace Library 1 Glicee print
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1398 x 275 mm Print£45.00
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