The sea fom Beachy Head in Sussex

The Sea At Beachy Head

The Sea At
Beachy Head,
2010, oil on canvas
76.2 x 61cm

This is a nice large landscape of what you might see if you stand on the cliff at Beachy Head and look out to sea. It’s poignant in a way because around 20 people per year commit suicide there and this view is one of the last things they see. But while I bore that in mind, I was impressed by the variety of colour and light that was happening in this view, and I was very excited by the directions that my brush was going to take, and the colours I would be able to use.

The end result was really pretty, and it’s quite large – a good size to be the main picture in a front room, for example, and it is predominantly blue, so the brushstrokes and the patterns shimmer nicely. I am aware that abstract artists use large paintings of predominantly one colour to create a strong impression in a room – and this is one of the things that works well in this painting.

I had it hanging in my sitting room for a while, and it made the room seem much nicer and more comfortable, so that it looked a bit sad and empty when I took it away to the Crystal Palace art market.

It was a popular painting with those who saw it – I had many kind remarks and two promises to buy it, and it was eventually sold – I ended up delivering it that day, and as I had my drill with me, I hung it as well.