Staple Inn

Staple Inn

This is Staple Inn on High Holborn in Central London – August 2012.

I was engaged in High Holborn but I managed to find time to do some sketches in the area. There are some fantastic buildings around – in Lincolns Inn, in Fleet Street, Southampton Row and all the roads surrounding that area. I could say something banal about Staple Inn’s age or whatever, but suffice to say I am interested in old buildings, and that a crooked wooden building from 1585 could survive in central London (and still be in use as offices) is very impressive.

Staple Inn has been drawn many times, so there’s no real need to do it again, but I wanted to, partially because with so much going on, it was a challenge. It’s a very busy building, but I like the perspective, the wooden beans and all the little windows, and I like the tree poking over the top and making it look like a little bit of a Kent village street.

You can see how accurate I’ve been in my drawing by comparing the photograph I took using my phone…
Staple Inn photograph High Holborn London

You can order a 398 x 275 mm giclee print on artists paper of this attractive drawing, or get in touch for anything larger.

I will supply a professionally cut mount board, back board and a certificate of authenticity that yours is a limited edition print, I will also sign and number the print.

With the mount board the frame-able size grows to 508 x 406.4 mm – which should exactly fit a 20 x 16 inch frame. Convenient?

The prints will be limited to a run of 20 at this size – I may do some larger versions if demand is great enough.

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